WWW.BuyOstrichFeathers.com is family owned and operated, located in Los Angeles California U.S.A. with an inventory of more than 1 Million Ostrich feathers. We are one of the LARGEST importers of Ostrich Feathers in North America. Unlike others we source our feathers directly from the Ostrich Farms of Africa. When you shop with The Feather Palace your order is processed and shipped direct from our Los Angeles location. Our Feathers DO NOT come from china.

Rob, the Founder and President of www.BuyOstrichFeathers.com was born and raised in the San Fernando Valley a suburb of Los Angeles. He regularly travels to Africa to work with the Ostrich Farmers and members of the African farming community. Rob came from an exciting and successful career as an aviation executive, it was only natural that he ventured into the Ostrich Feather industry and he is thrilled to offer this beautiful luxurious product to our customers. Our customers include the Hollywood film industry, well known fashion designers and numerous event planners of the world.

At www.BuyOstrichFeathers.com we utilize these majestic ostrich feathers for fashion and design, such as dresses, costumes, and spectacular feather centerpieces. You have see them in your favorite Hollywood Movies and music videos "they likely came from us." Ostrich Feathers are used all over the world in New Orleans they celebrate Mardi Gras, Brazil has carnival which will leave you speechless, Throughout the Caribbean Islands Carnival is celebrated with beautiful ornate feather costumes. Whether plain or dyed, they are also extremely popular as feather dusters. Africa manufactures over two million ostrich feather dusters per year.

Africa is the ostrich capital of the world. The region is naturally dry which is perfect since these tough birds feed off a certain grain and do not require grazing fields. The weather and geographical conditions of Africa are absolutely ideal for ostrich production Unlike the U.S.A. where we are accustomed to farming cattle the Africa region is simply to harsh making Ostriches the perfect option.

These flightless game birds grow to a height of up to 2.7m that’s 7 feet tall and can weigh up to 160kg (350 lbs ) and produce an average of 60 eggs per year. One ostrich egg equals 24 standard chicken eggs.

The ostrich’s universally recognized quill socket leather is internationally sought after for producing exotic leather handbags, leather furniture pieces and even clothing items and shoes. Ostrich leather is supple and durable, and products made from ostrich leather are remarkably popular in Europe, the USA and Japan.

From a farming perspective, ostriches are extremely versatile. From an ostrich, meat (62% of income), the leather (32% of income), feathers (6% of income) and eggs can be used.