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Feather Angel Wings

Ostrich Feather Angel Wings

Genuine Ostrich Feather Angel Wings. Unlike others our wings are made of lightweight custom welded steel frame professional grade. 100% genuine ostrich feathers 400 - 500 feathers used for every pair of wings. The wings are fully feathered on both sides front and back. Their total weight is approximately 5 lbs or LESS ! we are able to achieve this by using professional custom welded steel frames.
Angel wings can be customized to 25 different colors please note their color may have slight variance based on lighting or dye batch, white typically has gentle hints of ivory. ( we can send you photos of the colors upon request ) and ready to ship within 72 hours or less direct from our Los Angeles design studio. All wings are designed and made by us. Additionally, all of feathers are in stock, which means you the customer have access to any custom color scheme you want. FOR EXAMPLE: red in the front and black on the backside. Or multi color combination of your choosing.  Depending on level of customization there may be an additional fee.
We offer discounts for runway and model productions which require 4 or more pairs of wings.
Due to the nature of this product there are no refunds all sales are final.

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