Themed Events With Ostrich Feather Centerpieces

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Planning a themed event? Ostrich feather centerpieces are the perfect way to tie in your theme and give it that extra, luxurious touch. These unique pieces of decor can add a whole new level of ambiance to any setting. Not only do they look great, but they're also lightweight and easy to transport and set up. In this article we'll explore how ostrich feather centerpieces can bring your themed event to life!

Ostrich feathers have been used as decorative accents for centuries. They’re gorgeous, eye-catching, and lend an air of elegance wherever they go. Plus, their natural colors make them incredibly versatile – you can find everything from subtle pastels to vibrant hues like reds and blues. Whether you’re throwing a vintage party or going all out with a Gatsby-inspired soiree, these special decorations will take your event up a notch.

Creating An Ambiance With Feather Centerpieces

Feather centerpieces can be a great way to add texture, romance and beauty to any event. Whether it's a wedding reception, birthday party or holiday celebration, ostrich feathers make for the perfect centerpiece. The luxurious feel of these elegant feathers will create a memorable atmosphere that your guests won't soon forget.

When shopping for ostrich feather centerpieces, you have several options available. You can purchase pre-made arrangements from specialty stores or online retailers. Or if you're feeling creative, you can craft your own unique designs using individual feathers in various shapes and sizes. Adding special touches such as votive candles or sparkly rhinestones is sure to take your decorating efforts even further!

The best part about using ostrich feather centerpieces is they are affordable and easy to work with. They come in many different colors so you can easily find one that fits into your desired color palette. Plus, they look stunning when illuminated by lights which adds another layer of drama and ambiance to the room. And since they don’t require much upkeep after setup, they’re ideal for busy hosts who need quick decorations without having to worry about their condition on the day of the event.

No matter what kind of themed event you’re hosting, adding some beautiful feather centerpieces could be just the thing to set off your decorations and bring life to the occasion! With proper planning and attention to detail, these lovely items will surely evoke admiration from all those attending – transforming any gathering into something truly remarkable!

Ostrich Feathers: A Brief History

Ostrich feathers have been a symbol of luxury and opulence for centuries. With their unique shape, size, and texture, these show-stopping plumes were often seen in the headdresses and jewelry of royalty throughout history. Today they remain a popular choice for centerpieces at themed events, adding an air of sophistication to the proceedings.

The first documented use of ostrich feathers dates back to Ancient Egypt, where people used them as decoration on clothing or furniture pieces. Later on during the Middle Ages, these striking plumes became widely used by kings and queens across Europe as part of their regalia - from grand crowns to ornate scepters. By the 19th century, feather dusters had become commonplace in wealthy households around the world due to the emergence of industrial production methods.

It wasn't until the 20th century that modern day uses for ostrich feathers began to emerge. In addition to feathered accessories like hats and boas becoming fashionable items, these extravagant plumes also found their way into interior design projects such as wall coverings and upholstery fabric designs. But perhaps most notably was their newfound popularity as eye-catching centerpieces at special occasions like weddings and other celebratory events.

Today's fashion has taken a more minimalist approach with simpler silhouettes taking precedence over ostentatious decorations; but it is still possible to bring some drama into your interiors with ostrich feather décor accents - whether you opt for classic arrangements or bold compositions featuring bright colors and patterns. Whether used as a statement piece or simply an element of subtle elegance, these timelessly stylish plumes will always add an extra touch of charm to any event setting.

Benefits Of Using Ostrich Feathers For Decor

Ostrich feathers have a long, fascinating history that dates back centuries. They were first used for traditional ceremonies and religious rituals as well as clothing adornments by ancient cultures in Africa. More recently, ostrich feathers became popular among wealthy Europeans during the 19th century who sought out these beautiful plumes to decorate their homes and wardrobes. Ostrich feathers continue to be a popular choice today, particularly when it comes to themed events with centerpieces of various colors and sizes.

When it comes to using ostrich feathers for decoration purposes, there are many benefits worth considering. Ostrich feather decorations can add an elegant touch that is sure to be remembered by guests at any event or gathering. The luxurious texture of the feathers provides a unique look compared to other types of materials commonly used for decorations such as paper or plastic. Additionally, they come in an array of vibrant colors which make them perfect for adding color and texture to table settings or wall art displays.

The cost-effectiveness of using ostrich feathers also makes them attractive from a practical standpoint. Compared to other types of decorative elements like silk flowers or crystal chandeliers, ostrich feather decorations are much more affordable yet still provide an eye-catching display piece for any occasion. Plus, due to their lightweight nature, arranging decorations with ostrich feathers does not require additional equipment or labor costs since no heavy lifting is required!

Finally, another great thing about ostrich feathers is how versatile they are – they can easily be reused over time depending on your changing needs and desires. Whether you’re looking for something short-term like a one night party centerpiece or something permanent like hanging wall décor, rest assured knowing that these stunning plumes will never go out of style! With all these wonderful qualities combined into one product, it’s easy to see why so many themed events opt for the classic beauty of ostrich feather centerpieces.

Tips For Choosing The Right Color

Choosing the right color for your ostrich feather centerpiece is a crucial part of creating the perfect ambience. With so many options to choose from, it can be overwhelming! But don't worry - we've got you covered with some helpful tips that will make selecting the ideal hue an effortless task.

When deciding which colors to use, consider how they'll look alongside other elements in the room such as tablecloths and wall decorations. If there's already plenty of vibrant shades around, opt for more toned-down tones like pastels or neutrals to keep things balanced. On the flip side, if your event space is lacking personality then bright hues would be great to liven up the atmosphere!

Texture also plays an important role when choosing colors for your centerpieces. If you're going for something elegant, try pairing smooth feathers with muted colors like baby blue or lavender. For a bolder statement piece, combine glossy feathers with vibrant shades like hot pink or lime green. The combination of texture and color can give any tablescape a unique touch!

No matter what type of theme you have in mind for your event, there's bound to be an ostrich feather centerpiece that fits perfectly into it. Simply take your time exploring all the possibilities until you find one that speaks to you — and remember: the right choice could just be one color away!

Different Types Of Ostrich Feathers

The sight of delicate ostrich feathers can evoke a beautiful, yet mysterious feeling. From the dramatic plumes to tiny filaments, they are truly captivating to behold. Whether you’re planning an event or simply looking for something special to spruce up your home decor, ostrich feathers have so much to offer! Let's take a look at some of the different types of these remarkable features that can be used in themed events with ostrich feather centerpieces.

One type of ostrich feather is called Marabou Feathers, which come from the tail section and measures 6-12 inches long. These ultra soft downy feathers bring a gentle feel along with their unique shape – making them perfect for adding texture and color to any arrangement. They also make great accents on hats, headbands and costumes!

Ostrich Spadone Plume Feathers are another popular choice due to their impressive length that ranges between 10-16 inches. What makes this particular feather stand out is its narrow width towards one end while featuring larger tips near the other end - giving it both depth and character. A single spadone plume has been known to instantly upgrade the look of even the most sophisticated centerpieces!

Finally, Ostrich Fringe Feathers provide an eye-catching impact thanks to their extra fluffy nature and large size (9-10 inches). This style looks especially stunning when displayed on tall vases as well as small table top pieces; whichever way you choose to use them will undoubtedly create an exquisite display centerpiece everyone will love!

So if you want your next themed event or decoration project to really stand out, add some gorgeous ostrich feathers into your mix for added beauty and drama. Your guests won't be able to resist admiring such breathtaking details!

How To Incorporate Feathers Into Your Event

Ostrich feathers are a great way to add a unique, luxurious touch to any event. They can be used in many different ways to enhance the atmosphere and create an unforgettable experience for your guests. To make sure you get the most out of this wonderful material, here’s how to incorporate feathers into your event:

Start by choosing the right style of centerpiece. Ostrich feather centerpieces come in a variety of shapes and sizes, so you’ll have plenty of options when it comes time to pick one that best fits with your theme or occasion. You could opt for simple single stem arrangements or go all-out with elaborate displays featuring multiple feathers arranged artistically around votive candles or flowers.

Don't forget about using smaller pieces like ostrich plumes as accents throughout your venue. These diminutive decorations can be sprinkled along tables, draped over chairs, hung from walls or clustered together on shelves – whatever makes sense for your particular celebration. If you don’t want real ostrich feathers but still want the look and texture they provide, there are also faux versions available that may work better for some events.

When accessing feather decor items such as centerpieces, consider renting instead of buying if you only plan on using them once. This is not only more cost effective but will also save you time since rental companies usually handle delivery and set up too! Plus, by working with professionals who specialize in these types of décor elements, you know they’ll arrive looking their very best at your event space.

It doesn’t take much effort to turn ordinary into extraordinary when you use ostrich feathers as part of your next themed party or special gathering; just remember to choose wisely and shop smartly so everyone can enjoy this beautiful addition!

Setting Up The Feather Centerpieces

Setting up the feather centerpieces at themed events is an exciting process. Before beginning, gather all the materials you’ll need for each centerpiece: ostrich feathers, vases or containers, tape or glue to secure the feathers in place if needed and a decorative object that will make your piece stand out.

Begin by deciding on an arrangement style for each of your pieces. If you want a more natural look, use fewer feathers and arrange them randomly so they cascade down around the sides of your container. For a more structured appearance, use several feathered sprays arranged symmetrically around the perimeter of your container. Secure any loose ends with tape or glue as necessary.

Add height to your creation by placing it atop a pedestal or cake stand; this also makes it easier for people to admire from all angles without crowding one another. To further enhance the design, add jewels like beads or sequins along with other decorations such as ribbons or garlands that match your event's theme colors.

When everything looks just right, be sure to keep the centerpieces away from sources of heat like candles which could cause damage to them over time. With these tips in mind, you can now enjoy creating remarkable displays that will leave guests in awe!

Caring For Ostrich Feathers

Now that you have your ostrich feather centerpieces set up, it's important to know how to take care of them. Properly caring for the feathers will ensure that they look great for the duration of your event.

First, keep in mind that these delicate feathers need gentle handling and should not be subject to too much stress or manipulation. To clean the feathers, lightly dust them with a soft brush instead of using water or chemical cleaners. If a vacuum cleaner must be used near the centerpiece, make sure it is on a low setting so as not to damage its fragile nature.

When storing the feathers between events, wrap them securely but gently in acid-free tissue paper and store them away from any heat sources such as radiators or direct sunlight. This will help preserve their color and texture over time. Additionally, avoid storing them in damp places like basements since this can cause mildew buildup which can harm both the structure and appearance of an individual feather plume.

Finally, if you decide to re-use your feather decorations at another event later down the line, inspect each one carefully beforehand to check if there are any signs of wear or tear so as to prevent any surprises when decorating again!

DIY Ostrich Feather Centerpiece Ideas

Ah, the beauty of ostrich feathers! These majestic plumes bring a certain allure to any event. Whether it's a wedding or a special celebration, they have an unmistakable air of elegance that can't be denied. If you're looking for ways to add some unique flair to your next gathering, why not consider crafting your own DIY ostrich feather centerpieces? Here we'll explore just how easy and customizable this fun project can be.

One way to make these eye-catching decorations is by using tall vases filled with water and topped with several ostrich feathers arranged in an aesthetically pleasing pattern. For added color and texture, try adding drops of food coloring into the water - the vibrant hues will contrast beautifully against the lightness of the feathers. You can also use battery-operated LED lights beneath each vase to create a warm and inviting atmosphere.

If you want something that really stands out from the crowd, consider using oversized glass bubbles as vessels for your centerpiece creations. Place one large feather inside each globe along with colorful stones or gems for extra sparkle. Then hang them at varying heights throughout your space for a truly dazzling effect!

No matter what kind of look you’re going for, there are plenty of options when creating beautiful DIY ostrich feather centerpieces. So go ahead and get creative - let your imagination run wild! With some patience and attention to detail, you can craft show-stopping designs sure to wow guests at any occasion.


Creating the perfect ambiance for your event can be difficult. But with some creative thinking and a few ostrich feathers, you can make it happen! Whether you choose to buy pre-made centerpieces or do them yourself, using feathers adds an elegant touch that will surely wow your guests. Don't forget to take proper care of your feather decorations afterwards so they'll be in good condition for future events. With these tips in mind, you're ready to create beautiful feather centerpieces that will set the stage for many memorable occasions!

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