COMPLETE 25 Feather Centerpiece RED Ostrich Feather Centerpiece with 24" Glass Tower Vase
ostrich feather centerpiece
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COMPLETE 25 Feather Centerpiece RED Ostrich Feather Centerpiece with 24" Glass Tower Vase


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 COMPLETE Ostrich Feather Centerpiece With 24" Glass Tower Vase
Create exquisite feather centerpieces for your special event! EVERYTHING INCLUDED TO CREATE IMAGE IN PICTURE. SHIPPING DISCOUNTED WHEN YOU BUY MORE THEN ONE CENTERPIECE. Amazing DIY 'Do it Yourself' With our Complete Ostrich Feather Centerpiece.
WE ADD THE EXTRAS THAT REALLY MAKE IT SPECTACULAR. 24" hand made glass 'Eiffel Tower Vase', 25 ostrich feathers, foam insert, clear water beads to create a Sparkle and Diamond Mesh. WOW ! Thats a lot for the listed price.
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  • 25 Pcs. Ostrich Feathers within a size range of 13-16"
  • Highly desired Ostrich feathers.
  • 24 inch Clear Glass Eiffel Tower Vase.
  • Genuine Glass with Heavy Base for Support.
  • 1 Foam Feather Holder with Diamond Mesh wrap.
  • Clear Dazzling Water Beads to fill vase
  • 12" Diamond mesh sparkling wrap your choice of color.
Easy step by step instructions on how to create your centerpiece.
No more worrying about how to find all the pieces at the best price to create a feather centerpiece. We've done it for you. Impress your guest with a one of a kind unique feather centerpiece. Center Piece once complete is approximately 33 inches tall and 20 inches wide WOW ! Please note the feathers will all be unique from one another. They are 100% Genuine OSTRICH Feathers. The photos are an accurate representation of your amazing centerpiece. For those with a bigger budget you can add additional feathers, larger feathers and spectacular LED lights - always with batteries included to make your centerpiece even more amazing.
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