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BULK Ostrich Feather Tail Plumes BABY BLUE 15"-20" Long. 1/2 lb. Long and Wide Ostrich Feathers.


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Direct importers of Ostrich feathers. Wholesale and Retail 'no middle man' You can call the owner direct anytime, just ask for 'Rob' 661.888.1123

BULK / WHOLESALE Ostrich Feather Packs are always available for a limited time. When we are able to secure large shipments at a discount, we pass the saving on to the customer. These feathers are not hand counted rather sold by the weight. We guarantee a minimum of 100 pcs per pack.

BULK Ostrich Feather Packs Tail Plumes Approximately 1/2 lb. of Ostrich Feathers. 15" TO 20" Long. We guarantee a minimum of 100 Feathers per pack. A BULK Pack is exactly what it is 'BULK'.

Amazing beautiful Large Ostrich Feathers. Great for costumes or centerpieces for your special occasion as seen in the photos. A typical Bulk pack will contain approximately 1-5% 2nd quality feathers these are very usable and unnoticed when layered properly in centerpieces and costumes.

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